“——What is wrong with you?

                 I hate Twitter. It’s like cyber-hell.”

     “Watch it. 
      You’ve already got a few followers.”


     “Is this really how we’re going to spend our day?”

I froze it! There was this sort of blip on the tape and I froze it on the blip! It wasn’t the image of an angel anymore.

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Opinion on;

Character in general: Amelia Jessica Pond is so important to me for a lot of reasons. For one, her character is great. She’s flawed, but in ways that makes me like her much more and her development throughout her time on DW was so beautiful and compelling (and at times heartbreaking). She is fiercely loyal, despite her earlier fears to commit, and she understands. She’s clever, funny, and sometimes rude but in a Scottish way (so naturally, it’s acceptable). She and Rory are one of my OTPs and Amy and Eleven are my ultimate BrOTP. She understands the Doctor incredibly well, they grow together a hell of a lot and she is his family in every sense. How can you not love Amy Pond? Nobody tell me, because I will disagree.

How they play them: Bridget’s Amy is my favorite because she writes her exactly as I feel she is. I would trust Bridget to write Amy before I would trust Moffat to be honest. I love the way she writes Amy with such a fullness to her character, she literally breaks/makes my feelings all the time. Basically, I can’t say enough about her Amy (and she already knows this muahaha).

The Mun: Bridget is lovely, my opinion (in short) is that she is super nice and clever and she sends me things on Skype that hurt my feelings, but I forgive her. I enjoy talking to her a lot a lot.

Do I:

RP with them: YES.
Want to RP with them: ALWAYS.

What is my;

Overall Opinion: I don’t really like this blog. Never follow it. Seriously? If you’ve read this far, what are you expecting me to say? My overall opinion is that this blog is flawless and if you don’t follow it YOU SHOULD GO FOLLOW IT RIGHT NOW. She’s my go to Amy, what’s not to like?

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Basically, this is me with Bridget, Pippa and Jordan. All the time.


Matt Smith & Richard Madden  »  San Diego Comic Con 2012 


Who’s River Song?



        I did learn how t’ drive, an’ I’ve had
        centuries         t’           prove           it.

     “It’s taking you five minutes to prove otherwise.
       These legs aren’t built for stability, y’know.”