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                 ( bellum omnium contra omnes. )
                    A WAR OF ALL AGAINST ALL

    ❝  Ladies and Gentleman, I have just received word 
         that former muggle-born Minister of Magic Nobby 
         Leach has been found dead in his house. According 
         to eyewitness reports, the Dark Mark was spotted 
         hovering over his home a little less than an hour ago. 
         Once again, Nobby Leach has been killed. ❞

Bellum Omnium is a highly literate Marauder’s era roleplay group, centered around the height of the First Wizarding War. Focused on relationship, plot, and character development, Bellum is truly an immersive and welcoming opportunity to create thrilling plots and solid characters. 

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I’m easily worth two men!



"Tell me: When you haven’t been working,
  when you haven’t been traveling, where
  have you been?”

"But it would be different.
  Tell me, I get a job offer that takes me away for
  months at a time - what does that do to you?”



  “Well, I’m working on that.
It might be. I mean, it probably is.

     Vastra mentioned that it’d snowed.
    I’m meeting her in the town soon, she says she’s come up with some
more cases that we both know I’m going to reject. Still, two birds one stone, eh?
If you want me to go out, I’ll go out. But that’s it.

 The role of the ghost of Christmas past really doesn’t suit you.”

     “You’re due for a Christmas miracle.

        They’ve been trying to take care of you. - Be grateful.
        Good. You go out and I won’t pop ‘round anymore.
        Because you’re probably right, it doesn’t.
        But the role of Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t suit you either.



  “You’re unbelievable.
Stop pretending to be here.”

     “You’re the one pretending I’m here. 
        So either give in or go out. Isn’t it right around Christmas?



   “I don’t need you to tell me what I need.
      Why don’t you just disappear? You all do in the end.
         Even my own delusions, might as well be authentic.”

     “Disappearing is relative. You needing to be told what to do isn’t.    
        This isn’t what I want for you. Stop pretending to be this.

Florence Welch sentence ask meme 


There are a lot, so they’re under a cut!

  • "I’ve come to burn your kingdom down."
  • "Holy water cannot help you now."
  • "I’ll be dead before the day is done."
  • "You can’t choose what stays and what fades away."
  • "I’d do anything to make you stay."
  • "Tell me what you want me to say."
  • "It’s a conversation I just can’t have tonight."

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*pins you against the wall and kisses you* ((Pass on to the the first ten on your dash))



      “ Get back here.”



     “Actually I was hoping to just beat a hasty retreat whilst you thought about that.
          Is staying a good idea?

                                             I can stay if you like.

                — Stay.”